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  • 23. What happens if I lose the key?
    We have a second key, which can be collected in our ship to continue the route. Although the loss of the first key entails a cost of €70.
  • 15. Can another person drive the motorcycle that I rent?
    Yes, but it will have to appear in the rental agreement as an additional driver. In any case, you will be responsible for possible damages.
  • 6. And if it rains?
    When the probability of rain (Aemet Source) is greater than 50%, the date modification is allowed 3 days in advance.
  • 1. What are the rental requirements?
    Be over 26 years old, and have an A or A2 driving license, both more than four years old. The international license will also be valid. Valid ID/Passport. Credit card for the temporary deposit of €1,200
  • 2. In what ways can I pay?
    You have several payment options available: - Debit/Credit Card - Bank transfer - Cash (only for the last 70%)
  • 18. If we rent different motorcycles among a group of friends, can we exchange them?
    Yes, as long as you all appear as additional drivers in each contract, with the contract holder being solely responsible for possible damages.
  • 21. What happens if I am late in returning the motorcycle?
    There is a penalty clause of €20/hour in case of delay in the return, but notifying us in advance you can modify the delivery time.
  • 12. What type of insurance do motorcycles have?
    The motorbikes are covered with fully comprehensive insurance with an excess of €1,200. That is, in case of damage, your liability is limited to this amount.
  • 7. Can I pick up or return the motorcycle in another city?
    Yes. Currently we only have an office in Tudela, but it is possible to arrange delivery or collection in any other city in Spain. Ask us about the cost of this service.
  • 3. Can I cancel my reservation?
    Yes, as long as 20 days notice is given. You can also transfer your reservation to another date, without any penalty, as long as you notify us more than 7 days in advance. Except (ver 6.) 30% will not be refunded in all other cases.
  • 10. What clothes do I need to bring?
    We will advise you according to the time of year. It is also always recommended waterproof clothing and spare gloves. On all routes it is mandatory: Helmet, gloves, protective clothing for motorcycle use, boots and wetsuit
  • 16. Can someone else pick up my motorcycle?
    No, since you must sign the contract.
  • 13. Do I have to deposit a deposit?
    Yes, a deposit of €1,200 will be deposited, which corresponds to the amount of the insurance excess. At the time of the return of the motorcycle, the deposit will be returned. If the motorcycle has suffered any damage, the deposit will be withheld until the estimate for the repair is received, at which time we will refund the difference
  • 9. What equipment does it include, and what is optional?
    All motorcycles have TOP Case Vario BMW and USB charger. Depending on availability, the motorcycle will be equipped with; BMW Vario Side Cases. There is also the option of Ohlins suspensions and 100% Off-road tires.
  • 5. Can I transfer the reservation to a friend?
    If for whatever reason, you cannot come, you can transfer your reservation to another person.
  • 11. Is gasoline included in the rental price?
    No. The motorcycle is delivered with a full tank and must be returned in the same way.
  • 22. What happens if I have a puncture or a breakdown?
    We have insurance with roadside assistance. In addition, you will have our own assistance whenever necessary.
  • 17. Can another person return my motorcycle?
    No, as a general rule.
  • 4. If a trip is cancelled, do I get my money back?
    If the Organizer cancels a trip for any reason, including Covid-19 restrictions, another trip will be offered on a different date, or a refund of all funds paid
  • 14. What happens if the damage was not caused by me?
    During the delivery of the motorcycle, a joint inspection of existing scratches will be made. All new damages that appear will be considered the responsibility of the client. In the event that the damage is caused by a third party, you will have to make a friendly report, but the deposit will remain withheld until the insurance company confirms that the report is correct.
  • 8. Can I leave my luggage at your place while I enjoy the trip?
    Yes, for your convenience you can leave your bags at our premises.
  • 19. Can I take the motorcycle outside of Spain?
    Our current insurance has full coverage only in national territory. In the rest of the European Union it only covers civil liability towards third parties. Under no circumstances can our motorcycles cross into Africa. Ask us for other options.
  • 24. Can I give away a rental?
    Yes, you can contract our gift voucher, valid for one year to use it, with the possibility of extending the deadline.
  • 20. Can I ride the motorcycle off paved public roads?
    Yes, as long as the Off-road rental is contracted. In no case is it allowed to perform Enduro, or participate in tests or private circuits (whether asphalt or Off-road).
  • 29. Will people who do not ride motorcycles also be able to participate in the trip?
    Yes, most of the routes are suitable for accompanying persons.
  • 35. Do I need a GPS, will they give me the track route?
    On our routes, GPS is not necessary at all.
  • 31. How much money will I need during the trip?
    Depends on the trip and duration. A few days before departure, we will inform you about the approximate minimum amount of money needed on the route for meals, gasoline, etc.
  • 33. support vehicle to load suitcases.
    Depending on the trip, there will be a support vehicle loading the bags
  • 28. Is information briefing carried out on the routes?
    Yes, generally the welcome night to the route is held, we explain the driving rules, stages, routes, temperature, etc. And we took the opportunity to introduce ourselves to all the participants.
  • 30. Can I participate with my type of motorcycle on the routes?
    Yes, most of our routes are suitable for any type of motorcycle as long as it suits the route.
  • 26. What distance is covered by motorcycle in each stage of the Tours?
    We travel, on average, between 200 and 400 km per day depending on the route.
  • 27. What kind of motorcycles are these Tour for?
    Our Tours are 100% adaptable, being able to configure the routes to ride only on the road, or combined with Off-road.
  • 34. What insurance do I need?
    If you are not from the EU, you will need to take out travel insurance in your name that covers motorcycle trips. In addition, all our motorcycles have third-party insurance with coverage for the driver.
  • 32. Will my motorcycle sleep safely?
    In most hotels, we have closed and guarded parking for motorcycles. When this is not the case, we look for a place for the motorcycles to sleep safely.
  • 25. How many motorcycles is each group?
    On our routes there is always a minimum number of motorcycles (it will depend on the route) so that it can be done, and a maximum of 8 motorcycles.
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